Monday, November 5, 2007

Pink snow

I don't really have a garden. My husband and I live in a condominium in Middle Tennessee. When we moved in several years ago the land surrounding our end unit was not landscaped and in some places was muddy when it rained.
We were told we could do a little bit of planting to make it look nicer and we did.

We planted a cherry tree near the entrance to our small enclosed patio on the eastern side of our condo. I ordered it "bare root" from the Arbor Day Foundation; it was about a yard high when we planted it. Its adolescence was marred by a visitation of 13-year cicadas. The bugs don't do much to mature trees but ours has cracks in the bark where they burrowed in to lay their eggs. Still it survived and is beautiful in the spring. Towards summer when the wind shakes the blossoms loose they look like pink snow on the ground.