Monday, January 28, 2008

Who am I?

I recently joined an online network called Native Spirits and one of my Multiply friends, Walking Path, found me there; she is a member, too. She inquired about my interest and to answer her, I wrote the following little essay. Her question caused me to explain myself -- one of my better, deeper, truer selves -- to myself. Here I share this self with you.

A very long time ago, I told my daughter that for our country to get on a healthy. life-supporting, earth-friendly track, that we would have to depend on Native Americans because they have knowledge of this place, this land, which we (I am not Native American as far as i know) hybrid invaders from Europe do not have access to.

I also told her that African Americans would have essential contributions to make to a more equitable and compassionate socio-economic system or structure or way of life because they too possess knowledge and understanding that white people cannot access directly.

I have cast my lot with these two peoples although they are probably more than two. I am deeply attracted to their stories. I know much more first hand about African Americans than i do about Native Americans. I know none personally. Perhaps, that is why i wanted to be a part of Native Spirits.

I am a seeker of wisdom, always have been. And I have learned to follow my child heart. At 65 I am still learning about myself and others. I am just a human being who has a thirst for life, a love of life and of the Earth that gives us life.

I truly believe that our Earth is in danger, that the beautiful blue jewel of our solar system, a delicately balanced ecosystem that cradles all the living beings who call it home, is threatened as never before.

The Earth is my Mother, our Mother, really, but when I say my Mother, I mean to emphasize how I feel about our current predicament. A child loves her mother and is protective of her Mother because she knows that her Mother gives her life, protects and sustains her. That is my heart.

I also love others,. I grieve for the pain of those who have had their worlds swept away...It is impossible to dwell on the cruelty that some human beings have imposed upon other human beings without heartbreaking pain.

I am old and honored to be old. To be old is to have the wisdom of many years, a great treasure, not to be neglected. Yes, I truly believe that i am an elder of sorts. I seek the wisdom of others who are old. I draw courage and strength from the young and seek their wisdom, too. I take a long view and believe it is time to seek the wisdom of the elders. But I want to teach younger people to believe in their own child hearts which is what becomes the wisdom of the elders. Learning patience is a way to truth. But so is action. Cooperation. Work.

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Bluedelphinium said...

This was a very lovely post. I am saddened when I see that many well written posts are rarely read. I too am an elder and feel very enriched by life's experiences and am happy with the wisdom that has come with the life that has been accorded me. I live in the country and much joy comes from watching the changes that come with the seasons and watching life unfold with each day. Thank you for your posts. Bluedelphinium