Sunday, January 6, 2008

Truckers and the cost of gas

Here's another note from a Yahoo group, Peak Oil Nashville. It's an up close look at one of the signs of our time.

Posted by: "Bill Campbell" composter243

Fri Jan 4, 2008 10:12 am (PST)
Spoke with my trucker nephew today. He's paying an average of $3.40 a
gallon for diesel and the fuel cost back billing to shippers is not
covering the spread. He's hearing via CB radio many tales of woe from
independent owner/drivers which comprise 57% of the total trucks on
the road.

He said the fuel station parking lots are unusually full of drivers
trying to telephonically score loads from brokers that will provide
even the smallest margin of profit. There are many sitting idle for
longer periods of time, turning down offers of loads because they
can't make any money on them due to fuel costs.

He said there was a general call for a strike to begin at noon on the
3rd but no participation because everyone is so strapped and can't
absorb any more loss of income that a strike would cause. He didn't
know the % of drivers that were teamsters union but said it's way
less than it once was.

Much worry going on out there on America's highways.

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